quinta-feira, 11 de julho de 2013

11.07.2013 ➝ 今日の漢字は : 医者

A palavra que escolhi para hoje é: 医者 (いしゃ; "isha").

Formada por 2 kanjis,

1) 医 - relativo a cura ou prática medicinal.
Ideogrammic compound (會意):  (bag, container) +  (arrow) – an arrow (矢) in a chest, indicating one of the early practices of doctors which was to pull the arrows out of wounded soldiers’ chests.
2) 者 - relativo a pessoa, ou alguém que faz algo.
Old Chinese Initial /*t-/ lends semantic value Straight. Pictogram (象形) of brushwood/firewood piled on a stove. However, 者 was borrowed for use as a demonstrative pronoun, later evolving in meaning to the sense of "the one who does this" → person. Source: Howell & Morimoto
Isto é, aquele que cura, ou o médico.

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